Redesign An Important Aspect of You

You will do it. We will help

VIP Program

A personal redesign app made for you + 3 months of personal support


DIY Course

Learn and apply the same principles in an affordable 5 week "Do It Yourself" program


Behavioral patterns are encoded in your neural networks.

You can gradually change them in 5 steps:

  • Identify the behavior pattern to change and its triggers.
  • Design an improved pattern.
  • When triggered, consciously perform the designed pattern.
  • Repeat...
  • Improve the designed pattern

Consider our VIP program if you can commit to the process and value the change you seek at $3000 or more:

  • Submit a detailed application.
  • Review and clarification.
  • Meet online to build your customer "redesign" app.
  • Use the app when triggered.
  • Direct support through the app.
  • "Review and improve" meetings as needed during the program.

Our DIY self-study course includes 5 weekly lessons, dedicated to learning and practicing each of the steps.

This course is based on the exact same principles as the VIP program and is offered as a low-cost alternative.

Please consider choosing it if you are just curious or if the change you seek is of lower importance and urgency.

Our offerings help you identify and implement desired changes in your behavior patterns

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